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Pararae Gala

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I'm just a little girl, living in a big world. My head in cloud. My imagination run wild. Here is my space, where I surf and dive. It ain't much, but I shall strive.


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Psychosis Attraction By SSLL Staff @ SSLL




A Half Cold Winter
"They always stand in colors," a dark haired man in his late sixties said while throwing his cigar to the ground. His third one in the last thirty minutes. His thick brows furrowed, not due to the inkling of disgust he bears the wildlings but more of the fact that he pitied them. He couldn't do anything to change the condition they are in now. The bell of war has rang and the horns blown in the distant.

He hated it. This feeling of being trapped.

This land once belonged to the great, colorful tribes of Orions. Their tall huts and colorful stones once decorated the main path of this land up to the Valley of Mu'rukh and A'hai Tai. Their children and women would swim and wash their clothes at the Lake Khur and their men would hunt in the deep forest of J'khai. Songs of Orion would hummed in the wind and roared in thunder.

Now. Now, what's left of the Orions, is only the colors on their worn out armors and dirts on their broken old faces.

Rallick, the Second Captain of the First Sons and the Personal Guard of the High Fist, was the first to be posted. No lowlanders have been this up north. When he had gotten the order from the High Fist himself, he barely could believe it to be true. The Queen is fierce in expanding her territory. She pushed her army down south to meet the hardborne ex-slaves of Kiring and lost half of his number. But she didn't stop.

Not months after the leader of Kiring surrendered himself, she turned her predatory gaze to the north, where last free cities of Orion stood in defiance of her reign.

Rallick has never agreed to this mission. The north has never done them harm. Unlike the Kiring, who openly resist the reign of the Queen by killing off the border guards and setting up fires in villages, but the north stayed silent. They watched, they listened and they speak no more.

He is never fond of going up the hills. It is not in his nature. Hell, it is not in any of their nature! Its ground is treacherous and the forest is thick, deep and dark. The big, glistening armor of the Queen would do poorly in this condition. They drag them down by a couple of notch and this could mean life or death.

"The north is too big, too wild to be controlled by any outsider." The voice of High Fist rang in his head. He still could remember his commander shook his head in gloom. This is futile. They know this. The Queen knows this. Yet, she's willing to take the risk.

So, here, he stood, on the top of the black tower built by the hands and feet of the captured Orions. And there, thousand of leagues away where the land bent in the undergrowth, they marched. A colorful army of Orions, bearing the banner of red lotus, singing the hymn of the old folks, with swords bared and armors risen.

"They came in colors," Rallick said, a taste of sorrow washed his mouth. "They have come to free their family." His head tilted to the feet of the tower. Their lifeless bodies; every man, woman and children of Orions, still shackled and bound to the walls. Not to be freed until the Queen has her way.

His glistened eyes caught the moonlight. "They didn't know."A young soldier turned to meet the gaze of his captain and chocked on his own tears.

"They came...in colors."

Ending me,
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Land of the Crown Rose
When the storm passed and warmth crept back up his arm, he grabbed the wheel, keeping it steady against the crashing waves. As he threw his gazes forward where the walls of fog cleared away like ocean parting for Moses, there, it stood. A land so vast and green. Mountains so tall and mighty that he thought the storm had claimed his life and that he has finally reached heaven.

The white beach, the sound of the waves crashing onto the shores and chirping of birds filled the sky. He has never seen anything like it. Seventy years of sailing across the treacherous sea and travelling the world and this! This is something else! Something that he has dreamed off at nights and wandered behind closed lids. The image was so close, so vivid that he swore he almost could reach it with his arms. He would give his life a thousand times to see this beauty. To savor it. To protect it. And to die for it.

He sighed. A wide smile decorated his face. Alas! He is finally here.

The last free city in the Common Realm, the Land of the Blessed Sun, the Crowned Garden of the White Rose, the Free City of Moghul and the last kingdom of the legendary, Ver Amur Andii…

“I’Methrone innin nuden maya,” he whispered in Ancient Tongue of Ca’ria. ‘I am home.’
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Let It Be Known
Let it be known that this bond is made.
I speak to the blood running through my veins.

Let it be known that this vow is taken.
I speak to the air circling in my lungs.

Let it be known that this promise is made.
I speak to the spirit burning my heart.

With this vow, we are one. We are the same.
Let it be known. Let it be known.

Of friendship. Of loyalty. Of love and sacrifice.
Let it be known. Let it be known.

This bond shall be broken not.
They shall withstand the task of time.

As further than our own.
Of our life and of our death.

Stronger than the Earth.
Brighter than the Star.

Unshaken by greed, by men and by filth.
Let it be known. These words are spoken.

Let it be known.
Let it be known.
Let it be known.


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Tribute to Archer and Emiya Shirou
Emiya Shirou

I am the bone of my swords,
Steel is my body and fire is my blood,
I have created over a thousand blades,
Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain,
Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one's arrival,
I have no regret. This is the only path,
My whole life was unlimited blade works.

I am the bone of my sword,
Steel is my body and fire is my blood,
I have created over a thousand blades,
Unknown to Death, Nor known to life,
Have withstood pain to create many weapons,
Yet those hands will never hold anything
So as I pray, unlimited blade works.
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Contract of Blood and Soul

I am a figure of Shadow.
Whispers in the Wind.
Footsteps in the Alley.
Seer of the Night.

I am the bone of Sorrow.
The sins of Men.
The river of Deceit.
The fire of Hell.

I am without Soul.
I am without Origin.
Unknown to Life.
Untouched by Death.

Whisper my Name 
And I shall answer thee.

I am Thou
And Thou art I
From the depth of thy soul, I'll come.
This is a Contract of Blood and Soul. 

On my own sullied name, Amara Maryanna Kharyster Maerad,

Queen of Shadow,
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In Midst of It All (No-Beta-Read Ver.)
He stood there. At the corner of the room, overlooking the window. From the edge of her eyes, she could see his solemn back. The tree branch knocked on the window, scratching its glass every time the wind blew against it.

“Ria.” A deep, concerned voice snapped her back into reality. “Where are you?” He insisted.

“I’m here.” She finally answered, glancing a little towards the man in white suit. As much as she wants to hold it back, her head tilted to her side, eyes rolling in annoyance. The doctor sighed heavily, throwing his pen to the opened file in front of him. He took out his glasses and wiped it with a tissue. From the look on his face, she knew he doesn’t want to be here as much as her.

“Alright, Ria. Let’s start again.” The doctor finally reached for the pen and started to scribble again. Ria glanced at the him again and bit her lips. “Who are you?”

“Can we stop this?” She finally snapped. “I’m tired.”

“Of course. We cannot hold you here against your will.” The doctor finally said and forced out a smile.

                As soon as she pulled back her chair, the man at the window quickly shadowed her. Loyally and with stern adoration, he holds her in high regards. Like always. Then. Now. And in the future.  
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POKER (uneditted - w/o beta-read)
“Would you like to play poker?” A simple question followed by a long silence circled the air. Only the ticking sound of dripping water from the sink could be heard from a distant and at each passing moment, more sweats running down the battered man’s head like a waterfall. In front of him is a silver 99 mm with a black silencer. He couldn’t remember how he got there. He was preparing for bed with his wife in a cheap motel by the freeway with dirty, yellow wallpaper and as soon as his senses came back at him, a ghostly, masked figure of a young lady threw the place upside down.

His throat chocked with fear. His eyes widened in horror. At his feet, a limped body of his pregnant wife laid bare. Her head smashed and her stomach cut. Beside her, his unborn child laid hanging by umbilical cord to the mother’s womb. As soon as he braced himself to look into the ravenous eyes of his masked attacker, his head snapped back to the wall with a thud and his hands fell limp to his side. A burning smell filled the air. It was done.

A raven haired young girl turned to the rest of the hotel room and studied the mess she made. Blood spattered across the wallpaper, drenching the mat beneath her feet. Cracked television in the toilet. Broken chairs on the bed. The signs of struggle are obvious. In this situation, an amateur would proceed to clean the crime scene, get rid of evidence and hide the body. But not her. She has lived in this dark world for far too long to know how to walk into a crime scene and leave no trace behind. Strutting the thin ice like a ghost. A nameless phantom that lives only in rumors.

Instead, of covering them up, she takes pride in her work. After all, what’s the point of going through all the troubles when there is no one to appreciate? Suddenly, a loud siren echoes from two blocks away. She almost smile when she found a Queen of Spade in her back pocket, running through her fingers, finding its way onto the dead man’s chest. Buying her time to do what she does best…disappear.

---3 years later---

                “Would you like to play poker with me, child?” That simple, harmless question almost knocked her out of her chair. She grabbed the knife she had tucked in her back pocket out of instinct but before she pull it out, an old man in late fifties stared back at her with a friendly smile and sat at the table.

                “Sure.” She replied lazily, leaving her knife strapped. She recognized the old man from the store across the street. He owns a small grocery store and would bring papers and a bottle of milk to her house every morning for five bucks. He is very amicable, likes to watch daytime dramas on cable and everyone in the neighborhood likes him. He had a son once but lost him to cancer at the age of 7. His daughter moved to a college abroad and never return. His wife left him for a richer and younger man in the big city. Yet, he never fails to give the brightest smile to anyone who visits his shop. His eyes will lit up and a big, cheerful laugh follows after. Still, she didn’t know his name.

                “It’s alright if you don’t know how to play English poker,” he said while setting the table. “I can teach you.”

                “I prefer Russian,” she said while pulling her cards from the table and arranging it in her hand, hinting that she actually has knowledge in the game and even more. ‘It has been a long time,’ she thought to herself.

                “Ah! Dangerous game. Big money!” He chuckled. “Though you don’t seem the type.”

                ‘No, I make sure I don’t,’ she said in her head. When was the last time she played an honest game of poker with anyone? She couldn’t quite remember. Was it two years back? Or perhaps longer?

                “So, Mae. Are you planning to go back to school?” the old man pulled out a two of diamond.

                “Yes. When the school opens up.” She replied with a five of heart.

                “Have you got your uniforms ready?” He pulled out an eight of heart.

                “Yes.” She pulled a card from the deck and put out a ten of spade.

                “That’s good. I’m sure I still have my daughter’s. I’m saving it for my granddaughter but it is such a waste to see it in the box after all these year.” He took one from the deck and pulled out a joker of cloud. “It might be a bit old but I’m sure it will be just your size. I’ll bring it up to your home tonight.”

                “Thank you. I appreciate it.” Mae smiled and pulled out a joker, king and queen of spade.

                “Ah! Man! I’m out of luck.” He chuckled. Just as he was about to counter the card, a middle-aged woman called out from a distant. “Ah! Sorry! Coming! Coming!” He shouted back before he ran across the street to his shop, where even from such a distant, she could hear the woman complaining about the price of bread and apple.

Mae looked down to the table and saw the queen of spade staring back at her. It felt familiar, yet distant. Relief yet remorseful. Unspoken bitterness edged across her thin lips.

Sigh…It has been a while. 
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