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The Return of the Princess Heir
"She is the one," A girl in the crowd shouted.

"She's the Queen!" Another one replied.

The smiles and the cheers of the people of Moghul brightens the streets of the city. The street is packed and flowers circles the air as the crowd welcomed the arrival of their princess heir. From her high horse, Amara could literally see the glimmers in their eyes, the hopes flashing in those bright, teary eyes. It has been long, as Alter Kama had said. So long since the throne was left empty. And so long since the grey sky loomed over the island. She is now the light that shines over the island and the one to occupy the throne. The burden of her birthright has never dawn upon her. But the innocent giggles of the child, the laughter that fills the air and the brightening face of the anticipating crowds, draw heavy on the lines of her forehead. In those smiles are the hope that she could not fail, as the next queen and as a person.

Amara pushes her hair behind her ears and nods her head to the people with small smile. The best gesture of gratitude she can afford at this moment. She looks over her left shoulder and notes how the thin line of his lips curved into a small smile. Though his eyes are covered, she could see the relieves on his jaws, his relaxed shoulders and his hands. She can never imagine that Reid is capable of such feat. The sight alone is remarkable.

Under her feat, her Shadow seems quiet. She has not kicked up any fuss since they've landed. Perhaps, the journey wore her off or maybe, she is too tired to complain. Amara let her horse rides through the crowd slowly, throwing light smiles here and there. Its hard not to smile in this kind of occasion.

As she is approaching the towering gate of the castle, she can see six elderly standing side by side, each with their own bearing. Among them, a women with green monkey perched on her shoulder, caught Amara's eyes. She looks familiar...foreign, but familiar. Shadow kicks the ground under her and dust circles the air. The women's air jolts Shadow up like a spark of electricity and she can feel a weird feeling down her spine. She couldn't place her worry. Its either her smiling face or the deep, all-knowing eyes. Both are not to be taken lightly.

Amara knitted her brows and her hands feel unease. Something about her that makes her feel discomfort. She reminds her of something not long ago...something that should not be remembered.

Amara throws her head to one side, feeling her long bang falls over he shoulder, before she leans her body for a more comfortable position. Looking at the glee around her, the noise of the fiesta and feeling the joy of her companions, who finally reach their homeland, Amara starts to think that her worry is misplaced. From the corner of her eyes, she can see Shadow is taking a physical form below her horse. Her head is poking out from the dirt ground and her eyes are fixed towards the green monkey. Shadow seems to not share Amara's doubt. She is a beast anyway, a creature moved by instinct. Its hard to shake off bad feelings once a beast feels them. And the fact that they are moving towards the source of worry is troublesome.

Amara sighs...Perhaps today is not going to be so joyous after all.
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The One Promised by the Dragon
"Can you look into the deck for me, Hyara?" Alther asked as soon as he entered the High Mage's chamber. The rectangular room was large and filled with endless rows of bookshelves. The only burning candles were hung at the side of the door from which Alther has just emerged. His eyes shifted, a little bothered that the High Mage, who was known to have great fear for a dark enclosed space, has chosen to leave the candles unlit but he had no time for the High Mage's emotional breakdown. What he had witnessed this morning still bothered him. Something was wrong. He could feel it. His skin crawled and his fear-struck heart raced a marathon. He desperately needed an answer and only the High Mage could help.

Alther turned to the beautiful woman with midnight hair, sitting at a large table in the middle of the room. Her head hung low and a thick cloak hugged her figure like a blanket. She didn't even realize that the 7-feet Jrakh'ur warrior was standing before her until Alther placed his sword on the table with a loud thud.

"Hyara." The sweating man leaned in. "You need to look into the deck, quick. I need to know." He dragged a chair from a corner of the room and slumped himself across the High Mage, who was still half-dazed. “I need you to look into the princess heir.” Hyara’s eyes flickered at the mention of his master. Her mouth opened to say something but her mind was too scrambled to make out a sentence.

“Hyara!” Alther pressed on. “The princess heir. Please.”

Hyara gazed into the worry-stricken eyes and immediately, she understood. He saw it too. The eyes in the Shadow.

“I’ve looked into the deck. I’ve consulted the dragon,” Hyara begun slowly and lowered her head. “But I couldn’t anymore.”

“What do you mean?” He has never seen the High Mage in this state before – not in the two centuries, he had known her. “What is it?!” He pressed on.

“I’ve looked into the princess heir – many times. The Dragon once told me she is the one. I believed in her and I doubted her. And I still am. No matter how many times I deal the cards, the results are always the same. Her Shadow lingers in my sleep. The earth is growling beneath my feet but the throne is awfully silent. She is an anomaly,” Hyara turned to her companion, face twisted with worry and fear. “Alther, I couldn't comprehend her. Her presence feels peculiar. I have never seen anyone – anything like her. I’ve dealt so many times and now the deck resisted me.”

Hyara shut her eyes as the hoarse voice of the dragon roared in her head. “She is your queen!” Beads of sweat fell down her temple. “Accept her! This is your fate!” The sound of burning leaves and broken forest drowned the silence in the room. Alther shifted in his seat, he could feel strong heat emanated from the High Mage

‘One that is hidden will soon be revealed,’ an echoing whisper swept through the room like a passing wind. Alther clutched the hill of his sword and eyed the room. The candlelight by the door flickered. But as soon as it came, it disappeared. Alther turned his gaze to the High Mage and saw her face softened. Her once terrified face now looked drained.

The magic of the deck is indeed strong. It snags the energy of its user to fuel its power. Even one as strong as the High Mage should not use it for long but Hyara forced it. She forced herself. Now, she’s exhausted. The heat from the prophecy still engulfed her mind but at least, the voice had died down.

“I need to rest now, Alther. I’m sorry. That is all I have for you,” the High Mage pushed herself off her seat and walked away slowly towards a small door to her left.

“Tell me what you see.” Alther jumped out of his seat. His heart was still pounding. He was not ready to let the High Mage leave the room until he got the answer he needed.

“Fire.” The High Mage said unturned. “I saw fire as black as the starless night. It came for us all.”

“And the one who wields it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Tell me what you know.”

“The princess heir was there. A golden crown on her head.”

“She casted the fire?”

"No.” She said almost immediately then silence followed. “Maybe,” she sighed.

“What should we do now?”

“There’s nothing we could do. She is the one.” The prophecy was hidden behind a thick smoke. Drawing them only reveal more questions than answers but there was one thing she certain of since the Red Night. Amara is the long-awaited heir – the One spoken by the dragon. “We must protect her, even from herself.” With that, the High Mage left the room, leaving the frowning man unassured.

Taking a Glimpse,
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Package to Kill for
She peered through the crack on the door and saw a couple of men walked across the street into a nearby restaurant. The street was empty except for a homeless man sleeping under a worn out box at the mouth of the alley with a cart full of junks at his feet. She could smell the bitter stench of a dead animal from him.

She held her breath and silently sighed, calculating in her next. Her next move, the road she will take, the alley she will slip into, the car she will steal, the bridge she will cross under and the building she will use to hide out for the night. Tomorrow, a ship will be anchored at the harbor for exactly ten minutes. She needed to be there before the ship sails away. The plan played in her head. The map of London freshly engraved in her mind. She must move forward. If she delays any longer, she will get caught. 

She can't get caught. Not with the package in her pocket.

Siria gulped and shook her head. This time, to calm her nerve. 

Slowly, she pushed the door slowly and stepped out from the shadow. As soon as she was out in the open, she quickly picked up her pace and rushed towards the street. A spectacled brunette walking behind her stopped dead on her track as soon as she saw the blood dripping from Siria's head. From the corner of her eyes, Siria saw the woman reaching into her pocket, perhaps, to call for the police or an ambulance. 

Siria cursed under her breath. She can't deal with this right now. No time to lose. She pulled her hood over her head and scampered away; not looking back. As soon as she reached Angelo St, she turned left into the Angus St and finally into the alley between a Steak Grill & Pub and an old library. 

But as soon as she stepped into the dark alley, the hair behind her neck stood up. She stopped. Her eyes fixed on her right leg, which already disappeared inside the darkness. Something's not right. She can feel herself being watched. Someone was there, burning hole on her back. She turned. The street was empty. Not a single soul. 

"No," she thought. "Something is not right." Her heart raced. Her instinct told her to return to Anglo St and take a subway, but if she does that, she will run the risk of being spotted by one of those surveillance cameras. The alley can provide her with a good cover and it can save her the trouble of being caught in a crowd. Besides, she will be able to cut through the freeway and into the Middleton Park quickly, where she can steal a car and make her way to the bridge. The alley was her best shot to get to the rendezvous in time but now, the darkness seemed menacing, like an imp branching out from the devil's hand.

She gulped.

She took a couple of steps back and stared into the tunnel, where the ground bent in the undergrowth. The light at the end of the alley caught her eyes. She can see the park from where she stood; the bench, the trees, the grass. Maybe she could make it if she runs. She looked at her watch and cursed. Time is ticking.

This is not the time to stand and ponder on her options. She must make a run for it or double back. At this point, she would rather go through the darkness and face the invisible devil possibly hiding behind the wall rather than taking the subway. Too much risk, too many surveillance, too many potential witnesses, so many probabilities. No. This is a safer road.

She bent her body forward as she clutched on the package she had in her pocket, afraid that it will drop if she runs too fast. "One," she counted in her head.

"Two," she closed her eyes and prayed to the moon. "Please, let this be alright."

"Three!" she opened her eyes and she ran as fast as her legs can carry her. She sprinted through the alley like Usain Bolt in an Olympic game. Her eyes were set on the park at the end of the tunnel. 

"Almost there," she panted. As the opening grew larger in her sight, she reached forward and gave herself a final push, before a sharp pain struck the back of her head. The ground slipped under her and she landed on the ground with a loud thud! The world around her churned and her hands fell limped beside her.

She tried to push herself off the ground and cried for help but her muscle was burning. She chocked on her scream.

"Not a strong lad, this one." She heard a deep voice coming from above her but her head was too painful to move. She opened her mouth to speak but her voice caught in her throat when a cold blunt metal touched her temple. She cringed. Panic took over her body but before she could even tremble, a loud bang broke the silence in the alley and her head jerked. The killer made around her body and could not help himself but to grin when he saw her faded pupils stared blankly at his Clarks. He bent to the lifeless body and took the package out of her pocket. 

"Too easy..." the killer said, almost complaining. Throwing a final glance at the raven-haired corpse, he walked away, leaving his 'job' in a pool of blood.

"Time for some beer!"

Decaying me,
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Land of the Crown Rose
When the storm passed and warmth crept back up his arm, he grabbed the wheel, keeping it steady against the crashing waves. As he threw his gazes forward where the walls of fog cleared away like ocean parting for Moses, there, it stood. A land so vast and green. Mountains so tall and mighty that he thought the storm had claimed his life and that he has finally reached heaven.

The white beach, the sound of the waves crashing onto the shores and chirping of birds filled the sky. He has never seen anything like it. Seventy years of sailing across the treacherous sea and travelling the world and this! This is something else! Something that he has dreamed off at nights and wandered behind closed lids. The image was so close, so vivid that he swore he almost could reach it with his arms. He would give his life a thousand times to see this beauty. To savor it. To protect it. And to die for it.

He sighed. A wide smile decorated his face. Alas! He is finally here.

The last free city in the Common Realm, the Land of the Blessed Sun, the Crowned Garden of the White Rose, the Free City of Moghul and the last kingdom of the legendary, Ver Amur Andii…

“I’Methrone innin nuden maya,” he whispered in Ancient Tongue of Ca’ria. ‘I am home.’
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Let It Be Known
Let it be known that this bond is made.
I speak to the blood running through my veins.

Let it be known that this vow is taken.
I speak to the air circling in my lungs.

Let it be known that this promise is made.
I speak to the spirit burning my heart.

With this vow, we are one. We are the same.
Let it be known. Let it be known.

Of friendship. Of loyalty. Of love and sacrifice.
Let it be known. Let it be known.

This bond shall be broken not.
They shall withstand the task of time.

As further than our own.
Of our life and of our death.

Stronger than the Earth.
Brighter than the Star.

Unshaken by greed, by men and by filth.
Let it be known. These words are spoken.

Let it be known.
Let it be known.
Let it be known.


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Tribute to Archer and Emiya Shirou
Emiya Shirou

I am the bone of my swords,
Steel is my body and fire is my blood,
I have created over a thousand blades,
Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain,
Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one's arrival,
I have no regret. This is the only path,
My whole life was unlimited blade works.

I am the bone of my sword,
Steel is my body and fire is my blood,
I have created over a thousand blades,
Unknown to Death, Nor known to life,
Have withstood pain to create many weapons,
Yet those hands will never hold anything
So as I pray, unlimited blade works.
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Contract of Blood and Soul

I am a figure of Shadow.
Whispers in the Wind.
Footsteps in the Alley.
Seer of the Night.

I am the bone of Sorrow.
The sins of Men.
The river of Deceit.
The fire of Hell.

I am without Soul.
I am without Origin.
Unknown to Life.
Untouched by Death.

Whisper my Name 
And I shall answer thee.

I am Thou
And Thou art I
From the depth of thy soul, I'll come.
This is a Contract of Blood and Soul. 

On my own sullied name, Amara Maryanna Kharyster Maerad,

Queen of Shadow,
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